Our cheeses, accompaniments and beverages

Hard Cheese

Hard/Semi Hard Cow's Milk Cheese

Mull S, UP £3.49
St Andrews Farmhouse Cheddar S, UP £3.49
Anster S, UP £3.49
Lincolnshire Poacher Double Barrell S, UP £3.49
Montgomery Cheddar S, UP £3.49
Wookey Hole Cave Aged Cheddar S, P, V £3.49
Black Bomber S, P, V £3.49
Red Devil S, P, V £3.49
Green Thunder S, P, V £3.49
Cornish Kern S, P, V £3.99
Cornish Yarg S, P, V £3.69
Duckett’s Caerphilly S, UP £24.19
Alpine Kaltbach S, P £3.79
Dorset Red S, P, V £3.49
Old Smokey S, P, V £3.49
Prima Donna 12 month Gouda S, P £3.69
Old Amsterdam 18 month Gouda S, P £3.49
48 month gouda S, P £4.29
Ubriaco Rosso S, P £3.99
Parmigiano Reggiano S, UP £3.89
Comte St Antoine S, UP £4.29
Tomme de Savoie S, UP £3.49
Alp Blossom S, UP £4.29
Le Cret Cave Aged Gruyere S, UP £4.29

Hard/Semi Hard Goat's Milk Cheese

BonnetS, P, V£4.29
Murcia al Vino S, P£3.99
GjetostS, P, V£3.79


Hard/Semi Hard Ewe's Milk Cheese

Pecorino SardoS, UP£3.79
Truffle Pecorino SardoS, UP£4.99
Manchego fully curedS, UP£3.79
Ossau IratyS, UP£4.29

Soft Cheese

Soft/Semi Soft Cow's Milk Cheese

GubbeenS, P£3.49
Howgate BriePO, P, V£3.29
Tunworth (each)S, P£9.99
Minger (each)S, P, V£7.99
Epoisses (each)S, UP£10.99
Camembert lait Cru (each)S, UP£6.90
Brie de Meaux DongeS, UP£3.49
Delice de BourgogneS, P£3.49
MorbierS, UP£3.49
Normandy BrieS, P£3.29
TaleggioS, P£3.49
MunsterS, UP£3.49
ReblochonS, UP£3.49
RacletteS, P£2.89
Baron BigodS, UP£4.29
Vacherin Mont d’Or (seasonal)S, UPTBC


Soft/Semi Soft Goat's Milk Cheese

Ailsa Craig (seasonal) (each)S, P, V£7.50
Blackmount (each)S, UP, V£9.50
Elrick (each)PO, UP, V£9.50
Dorstone (each)PO, P£9.50
Golden Cross S, UP, V£4.99
St Maure de Touraine (each)S, UP£9.75


Soft/Semi Soft Ewe's Milk Cheese

WigmoreS, UP, V£4.29
St James (seasonal)PO, UP£4.99
Brebirousse d’ArgentalS, P£4.49


Blue Cheese

Blue Cow's Milk Cheese

Colston Bassett StiltonS, P£3.49
Hebridean BlueS, UP£3.99
Valdeon (cow and goat)S, UP£3.99
Gorgonzola DolceS, P£3.69
MontagnoloS, P, V£3.49


Blue Ewe's Milk Cheese

Lanark Blue (seasonal)S, UP, V£4.29
Roquefort SocieteS, UP£3.99


Key :
V – Vegetarian
UP –  Unpasteurised
P – Pasteurised


Newport Bakery:
Farmhouse Sourdough£4.50
Tinned white sourdough£4.50
Seasonal sourdough£4.50
Seeded Rye£4.50
Sourdough Baguette£2.80
GH Barnetts: 
Cheese and Leek£4.20
Cheese and Chilli£4.20


Biscuits & Oatcakes

Peters Yard Original Mini£3.49
Peters Yard Spelt and Fig£3.49
Peters Yard Charcoal and Rye£3.49
Peters Yard Pink Peppercorm£3.49
Millers Charcoal wafers£3.49
Millers Charcoal wafers GF£3.49
Millers Earth biscuits£3.49
Millers Ale biscuits£3.49
Millers Water biscuits£3.49
Millers fire biscuits£3.49
Wooleys of Arran original oatcake£3.29
Wooleys of Arran cheese oatcake£3.29
Your Piece Fife cut canape oatcake£3.29
Your Piece oatcake tin£3.69
Your Piece Bannocks £3.29
Cheese Sables original£3.49
Cheese Sables chilli and fennel£3.49
Cheese sables Cumin£3.49
Cheese sables nigella seed£3.49
K & F olive, walnit and pimento GF£3.99
K & F cherry, pecan and poppyseed GF£3.99
K & F cranberry and almond GF£3.99
Hebridean Oatcakes GF£3.29



Snowdonia fig and apple£3.29
Snowdonia pear, date & cognac£3.29
Snowdonia balsamic onion£3.29
snowdonia tomato and vodka£3.29
Snowdonia rhubarb and gin£3.29
Sarah Grays Chillii Jam£3.99
Sarah Grays Cheese lovers chutney£3.99
Sarah Grays onion chutney£3.99
Galloway Lodge Poachers Pickle£3.49
Hot Honey£8.99

Olives - £2.10/100g

Gordals 2kg£2.30
Manzanillas 2kg£2.30
Franch Black Olives with Thyme 2kg£2.30
Small gordal tins 150g£3.49


Red Wine

South African Cabernet Sauvignon£9.49
Argentinian Malbec£11.49
French Bordeaux£11.89
French Fronsac (Bordeaux)£14.49
Cote du Rhône£11.79
Beaujolais Fleurie£13.89
Romanian Pinot Noir£18.99
Spanish Rioja£13.50
Italian Valpolocella£18.99
Portuguese red, Douro£14.50
Italian Barolo£37.00

White Wine

Italian Cattaratto£8.49
NZ Sauvignon Blanc£11.99
Australian Chardonnay£8.99
Spanish White Rioja£13.50
French Chenin Blanc£10.99
German Reisling£18.00
French White Burgundy£16.50



Law Brewing Company
£3.25 each:

  • All Nighter Golden Ale
  • Dundee Cake Ale
  • Dundee Saisons Beer
  • Doughboy Bread Beer
  • Weekender Pilsner
  • Rude Boy Juice IPA
  • Cherry Red Stout

MoR Beers
£3.25 each:

  • MoR Tea Vicar Scottish Best
  • MoR Scode Dundee Pale Ale
  • MoR Ish Caledonian IPA
  • MoR Ticia Ruby Stout

Abernyte Brewery
£3.25 each:

  • Ballo Blonde
  • Kinnoul Red
  • Slatch Hybrid
  • Tinkletop Pale Ale



Verdant Gin (Dundee)£34.99
James Keiller Dundee Gin (Dundee)£31.99

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Please note there is a minimum order total of £20 for our delivery service.

    Once we’ve prepared your order, we will be in touch with your total payment and our bank details for an online bank transfer.


    We have a huge selection of top quality Artisan cheeses from local and international producers.

    With over 75 regular cheeses and a variety of seasonal cheeses that come and go, we’re confident you’ll find something new to try every time you visit.


    We use Wild Hearth Bakery who are based at Cultybraggan in Perthshire. Specialists in sourdough and just fantastic bakers, using organic flour and wood fired ovens.

    Breads range from sourdough loaves, baguettes, Swiss highland rye, Miche, ciabatta, sesame and fruit loaves.

    You have to try their pastries too, available from our Broughty Ferry shop on Saturdays.



    Our wine is supplied by Aitken Wines in Dundee and also by L’Art du Vin based in Dunfermline.

    We work closely with the teams to make sure we have the best quality wines that also perfectly match our cheeses. Only available in Dundee.


    We have a selection of locally brewed beers from breweries including 71, LAW Brewing and Abernyte Brewery as well as a selection of Belgian beers. Only available in Dundee.

    Chutney & Crackers

    We have a wide range of local chutneys and biscuits including Adamsons, GH Barnett and Your Piece oatcakes from Fife, Peter’s Yard sourdough crispbreads, Tracklements chutneys and other local suppliers including Sarah Gray. There’s a biscuit or chutney to suit everyone!


    Huge Spanish gordal olives, our in house marinated manzanillas with garlic, lemon and basil and black French olives with herb de Provence.


    We have a selection of homeware accessories including knives, boards and serving dishes from Just Slate Co.

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