Small Celebration Cake


Our small celebration cake is suitable for 30 – 50 guests and features four cow milk cheeses; Langres (3), Brillat Saverin, Barkham Blue and Cornish Yarg.



All of our cakes come with description tags and pins to attach to the cheeses once they are ready to be served, so your guests know exactly what they’re eating. We’re happy to help with biscuits and chutneys too, so feel free to ask our advice!

Obviously, we think the cheeses look beautiful by themselves, so we leave the decoration up to you! Some people like to leave them as they are, some like to add flowers and petals, others opt for fruit such as figs or grapes or even nuts and herbs. The choice is yours!

Langres (3), Cow, 180g (540g)
Brillat Saverin, Cow, 600g
Barkham Blue, Cow, 800g
Cornish Yarg, Cow, 1.7kg
Total weight: 3.65kg